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Legally secured
electronic signature

Service with advanced technology that allows identifying and fully linking signatories, keeping transparency in signed documents and mitigating to a minimum the risk of fraud.

What does WhatSign
has to offer?

Who can use WhatSign?

Our electronic signature platform has been designed for clients/users from any institution to subscribe by a digital process - not presential - through their cell phones or computers, multiple procedures closure, such as:

  • Banking / Financial

    Credit card application and contracts, car loans, personal loans (with no real estate guarantee), addendums for financial relief, notes and bonds, bank reference and balance letters, due diligence forms, credit history request.

  • Insurance

    Insurance application, bond contracts, due diligence forms, final beneficiary certifications, promissory notes, claim forms, beneficiary change request, policy change request, health certifications.

  • Real Estate

    Reservation and Real Estate Unit Separation contract, Purchase and Sale Promise Contract, Addendum to the purchase and sale promise contract, Onboarding, Due Diligence Form, APC Authorization

    Construction and subcontractors contract, Contract with suppliers, Settlements, Private Rental Contract, Payment arrangements, Promissory Notes, Real estate unit Delivery Acts and list of exceptions.

  • Legal

    Documents can vary and it will depend on the law firm experience and the current country’s legislation.

Remember that every document can be signed with WhatSign if the country’s legislation allows it. We guide and support you in document revision with legal tips specific to each country under the respective legislation and regulation!

Can I use WhatSign in my country?

Are you in another country?

Don't’ worry!

Contact us and we will assist you to understand legislation in your country regarding electronic signature and support you to subscribe your documents and contracts quickly, safely and with no presential using WhatSign.


Law N° 51 from 2008 defines and regulates electronic documentation, electronic signatures, the presentation of technological storage services with certification of electronic signatures and adopts other decisions for the development of electronic commerce. Law 51 was replaced by Law N° 82 in 2012.

Types of electronic signatures in Panama: simple electronic signature and qualified electronic signature (issued by the Direction of Electronic Signature and Public Record). WhatSign is a simple electronic signature.


Law N° 27269, updated in February 2021 by Supreme Decret N° 029-2021-PCM, provides the same validity and legal effectiveness to electronic signature as the usage of handwriting signature or another means that entail manifestation of will.

Types of electronic signatures in Peru. Simple electronic signature, advanced electronic signature, qualified electronic signature (digital signature). Whatsign is an advanced electronic signature.


Law N°2002-67 of Electronic Commerce, Electronic Signatures and Data Messages (LCE) regulates data messages, electronic signatures, certification services, electronic hiring and telematics, provision of electronic services, through information networks, including electronic commerce and protection of the users of these systems.

Types of electronic signatures in Ecuador: digital signature, electronic signature, certified electronic signature. Whatsign is an electronic signature.

Who we are and
what’s our experience

WhatSign is the result of a strategic joint venture between the Panamanian companies: Quantic Vision, technology specialized, and the law firm Sucre l Arias l Reyes.

Quantic Vision, supplier of information and communication technologies specialized in the development of solutions that allow companies control, improve and enrich their relation and communications with their clients.

Sucre l Arias l Reyes, has specialty in fintechs, offers a wholesome legal practice to provide to their clients solutions in all legal areas, including law in informatics and new technologies.

Let’s talk about technology and security

Meet some of our main technologies that we use to eliminate fraud risks by some of the signatories.

Clients that trust in WhatSign